Engineered Solutions

Backlit Conveyors

  • Backlit 1100-Series-Conveyors

Illuminated Conveyors for Visual Inspection and Quality Control

  • Light fixture is installed inside the conveyor frame and emits light through a translucent belt.
  • Provides enhanced contrast between product and conveyor belt for visual inspection and vision system interface
  • Parts can be stopped directly over the lighted section or continue through uninterrupted

Features & Specifications

  • Available on Dorner industrial and sanitary belted conveyor platforms
  • Aluminum extruded frame with T-Slot construction or Stainless Steel frames
  • Translucent Belting
  • Reference the conveyor specification sheet for additional details and specifications

Backlit Specifications

  • LED Edge-lit light panels
  • Multiple color options available including White, Red, Blue and Green
  • Light fixture is installed inside of the conveyor frame
  • Light sizes vary based on application